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Next Deadline: S21 Promotional Play-offs Finals on Thursday 30th November 2017 20:00 GMT League Status: Closed Transfer Market: Closed
completed transfers
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2005-12-31 Youth System Free Transfer
2009-02-26 A_Pirie Free Market AC Coolios 3,760,000
2014-11-05 V_Tutill The Brahma Bulls AC Coolios 11,500,000
2010-08-10 P_Evans FC Santo Ovidio AC Coolios Loan for 10 weeks
2014-01-29 C_Nogan Free Market AC Coolios 9,265,047
2010-07-10 C_Teener Falkirk Hotspur AC Coolios 8,000,000
2011-04-20 F_Drake Mostly Harmless AC Coolios Loan for 29 weeks
2012-08-21 W_Singh Free Market AC Coolios 5,107,853
2010-01-14 M_Dogansahin Falkirk Hotspur AC Coolios 15,000,000
2016-09-18 C_Martin Free Market AC Coolios 14,663,582
2005-03-08 G_Anthony Mostly Harmless AC Coolios 1,500,000
2010-07-11 A_Lennon The Hitman Uprising AC Coolios 8,000,000
2011-12-22 Z_Kovacevic Youth System AC Coolios Free Transfer
2014-01-28 B_Berwick Youth System AC Coolios Free Transfer
2017-05-06 L_Gomez Falkirk Hotspur AC Coolios 15,000,000
2017-05-06 C_Blyme Youth System AC Coolios Free Transfer
2011-12-22 J_Vegas Errigal United AC Coolios 5,250,000
2007-11-19 G_Tyler The Toto Project AC Coolios 4,850,000
2008-08-27 P_Clifton Leicester Lightning AC Coolios 1,300,000
2009-10-30 J_Vegas The Hitman Uprising AC Coolios 5,000,000
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