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previous polls
Date Poll Name
23rd Jun 2013 When you watch Spain play is it..
31st May 2013 Should relegation release players...
19th May 2013 Gareth Bale will start next season with...
13th May 2013 Should we introduce pre-season fitness packages?
8th May 2013 New Man Utd boss?
1st May 2013 OFLM Cup Winner S14...
27th Apr 2013 Player of the Season will be...
17th Apr 2013 Will Cardiff City be relegated next season?
22nd Mar 2013 S14 OFLM Cup winners?
7th Mar 2013 Where will Wayne Rooney be playing next season?
5th Mar 2013 Who will win the Div 1 Cup?
4th Mar 2013 What you betting on?
1st Mar 2013 Which one would you pick?
23rd Jan 2013 Who will win the Cap One Cup?
11th Nov 2012 Should Manager of the Month top three get prizes?
7th Nov 2012 Who is the best British player?
6th Nov 2012 Is it too late to ask?
13th Oct 2012 Who or what is to blame for British Gas price hike?
30th Aug 2012 Which one would you pick?
6th Jul 2012 Should the Manager Reliability threshold change?
25th Jun 2012 Which of the following changes to the welfare state would you support?
21st Jun 2012 Euro 2012 winners now....
24th May 2012 Who you betting on to win Euro 2012?
24th May 2012 Who you betting on to win Euro 2012?
30th Apr 2012 Who will win The Championship play-off?
24th Apr 2012 What result would you bet on?
22nd Apr 2012 Do Chelsea stand a chance at the Nou Camp?
12th Apr 2012 Should OFLM offer bank loans?
14th Mar 2012 Clash of Nations 3 at the end of Season 13?
16th Feb 2012 How many seasons should your Manager Reputation consider..
1st Feb 2012 When MPPs are the same, Manager of the Month should be..
26th Jan 2012 Should injured players return from injury 100% fit?
2nd Jan 2012 Will Thierry Henry be a success at Arsenal?
20th Dec 2011 Will PFC win a third successive OFLM Cup?
18th Nov 2011 Clash of Nations 2 winner will be....
3rd Nov 2011 S12 OFLM Cup results will be...
20th Oct 2011 Who you betting on to win the Div 1 title?
7th Oct 2011 Is Wayne Rooney WORLD CLASS?
20th Sep 2011 If you had to get rid of one of these which would it be?
6th Sep 2011 Do Wales stand a chance tonight?
29th Jul 2011 Who you backing to win the Premier League this season?
5th Jun 2011 Should clubs losing by 10 goals or more also lose home & away support?
25th May 2011 Would the rest of the UK be better off is Scotland becomes independant?
25th May 2011 Would the rest of the UK be better off is Scotland becomes independant?
19th May 2011 What result would you bet on?
26th Jan 2011 Your money is on who for the Premier League title?
17th Dec 2010 Will the 2022 World Cup move to January?
13th Dec 2010 Who will win the grudge match in Division 2?
9th Dec 2010 Can anyone stop Milos perfect season?
15th Nov 2010 Should fatty foods be taxed more?
10th Nov 2010 Saturday night, what will be the result?
3rd Nov 2010 Should OFLM Transfer Deadline day move to Week 21?
27th Oct 2010 How much money did Ceri spend on the credit card when he was in Canada 2007-08?
21st Oct 2010 Which club will Rooney leave United for?
18th Oct 2010 Is Rooney on the way out of Old Trafford?
28th Sep 2010 Should you only be able to loan
7th Sep 2010 Who is going to replace John Toshack?
28th Jul 2010 Do you believe in the BBC licence fee?
13th Jul 2010 Do you want the OFLM Cup 1st Round Draw LIVE?
9th Jul 2010 Who you betting on Sunday?
5th Jul 2010 Who you betting on to win the World Cup?
28th Jun 2010 Seeing as England are out, who will win this cracking Quarter Final?
24th Jun 2010 And the old foes go at it again, what result should we bet on?
18th Jun 2010 So on Wednesday 23rd June will it be...
13th Jun 2010 Fri 18th June result will be....
31st May 2010 Which of these is the best?
16th May 2010 Should away goals count in the OFLM Play-offs?
6th May 2010 Are you going to enter the post-season friendly games?
22nd Apr 2010 Who will win the OFLM Cup?
8th Apr 2010 Are The Hitman Uprising about to go down?
1st Apr 2010 Will Sarah Roberts rescue Lorne Rangers this season?
5th Mar 2010 Should we bring back the appeals panel?
4th Feb 2010 Who are you tipping to be Div 1 Champions?
28th Jan 2010 The Furry Chequebooks will end the season...
21st Jan 2010 Should clubs be allowed to loan players in the same Division?
14th Jan 2010 Will Rafa see out the season at Liverpool?
24th Dec 2009 Should clubs who lose 6 matches in a row lose 2% home fanbase and 1% away fanbase?
17th Dec 2009 Who do you think is right?
1st Dec 2009 I would like the Week 8 deadline on Xmas Eve to be...
21st Nov 2009 Should OFLM Bookies affect game balances (see forum)?
15th Nov 2009 How much compensation should Anfield Ducks pay for Docherty?
8th Nov 2009 Should managers be forcibly withdrawn from negociating with No Club players if they take longer than a week to sign?
3rd Nov 2009 Who will win on Saturday night?
31st Oct 2009 When do you want the OFLM Cup Live Draw?
24th Oct 2009 Do you fancy Week 8 deadline played on Xmas Eve?
1st Oct 2009 Will 64 managers click this?
10th Sep 2009 Who will clintch Div 3 title?
3rd Sep 2009 2009 OFLM Cup result will be...
22nd Aug 2009 Where should OFLM Cup Final be played?
18th Aug 2009 Will Colin Skinner (LEW) really quit?
13th Aug 2009 Which tie should be LIVE on the telly?
6th Aug 2009 Will Scrut end the league campaign unbeaten?
23rd Jul 2009 Can Ceri REALLY get the Chequebooks promoted (again)?
2nd Jul 2009 Would you be interested in another inter-league tournament?
4th Jun 2009 Ity Bity have a keeper crisis should they...
21st May 2009 Should MPPs be annouced on a weekly basis?
11th May 2009 Should OFLM Club sizes be made public?
30th Apr 2009 Do you access OFLM on your mobile?
16th Apr 2009 Who will win the Champions League 2009?
16th Mar 2009 Who will win the Premiership now?
10th Mar 2009 Who will go through tomorrow night?
17th Jan 2009 Do you want to create OFLM Club logos?
12th Jan 2009 Should video replay be brought into professional football?
16th Dec 2008 David Haye WILL meet Vitali Klitschko in London next June. What will be the result?
13th Dec 2008 Who should win the 2008 Sports Personality?
28th Nov 2008 What will the result for the S8 OFLM Cup be?
19th Nov 2008 Should Joe Calzaghe...
26th Oct 2008 Should OFLM go back to using a waiting list for newbie managers?
8th Oct 2008 Do you think smacking should be made illegal?
2nd Oct 2008 Are you gonna use the OFLM Chat this week?
18th Sep 2008 What accent do you disklike most?
11th Sep 2008 When is your preferred time (GMT) for LIVE SCORES?
2nd Sep 2008 Should NEWBIE managers have a 10 week transfer embargo?
15th Aug 2008 Is Animal Muppeti an acceptiable name?
3rd Jul 2008 Should we go ahead with blocked No Club players audit?
28th Jun 2008 How will Euro 2008 end?
6th Jun 2008 Should players be loaned clubs in the same Division?
18th May 2008 Who would you sign if your chairman said you can have one of either..
15th May 2008 Another snap poll - FA Cup Final 2008 results...
14th May 2008 Snap poll - UEFA Cup Champions will be....
8th May 2008 Should managers who miss team selection be sacked after...
25th Apr 2008 Potential title decider tomorrow, who you backing?
11th Apr 2008 Who will be crowned PFA footballer of the year?
11th Mar 2008 Would you pick your GK as penalty taker?
8th Mar 2008 After todays giantkilling, who will win the FA Cup now?
8th Mar 2008 Will Kevin Keegan be sacked if Newcastle go down?
2nd Mar 2008 Get your vote in early - who will win this super-fight?
25th Feb 2008 Willyou be changing your team name for Season 8?
23rd Feb 2008 Carling Cup Winner will be....
15th Feb 2008 Which one of these is most suitable for the Scrut Rovers vacancy?
29th Jan 2008 Who you betting on to get through?
17th Jan 2008 Who do you fancy to lift the OFLM Cup in Season 7?
12th Jan 2008 Will Shearer & Keegan be the next manager team at Newcastle?
4th Jan 2008 Do you drain off the excess fat when making spag bol?
12th Dec 2007 Should Italian clubs be banned from European football?
6th Dec 2007 Do you read the OFLM News??
1st Dec 2007 Who will you be backing next Saturday night at the MGM Grand?
28th Nov 2007 Will Mourinho be the next England manager?
22nd Nov 2007 Would you welcome a home nations tournament next summer now that we have all failed to qualify?
15th Nov 2007 Vote of confidence for Steve McClaren...
12th Nov 2007 Will there be a Euro Super league
31st Oct 2007 Are Arsenal better without Henry?
25th Oct 2007 How many OFLM nations sides should there be?
11th Oct 2007 Should loan limits be....?
5th Oct 2007 Do you think there should be a quota on the number of foreign players per club in the Premier League?
28th Sep 2007 What should you do with massive blisters?
23rd Sep 2007 Will Chelsea fall apart without Mourinhio?
14th Sep 2007 What is your preferred LIVE SCORES time for league matches?
12th Sep 2007 Can Leeds get into the promotion places this season?
3rd Sep 2007 Who will win the Rugby World Cup?
30th Aug 2007 Will Ceri have internet at home before Week 6?
16th Aug 2007 Will a team make it though Season 7 undefeated?
9th Aug 2007 Who do you fancy to win Division 1?
4th Aug 2007 Coimmunity Shield winners.....
25th Jul 2007 Will 64 managers submit for Week 1??
17th Jul 2007 Should organ donation be automatic unless you opt out?
29th Jun 2007 Should Tim Henman play Wimbledon in 2008?
26th Jun 2007 Who will get into Division 1?
14th Jun 2007 Is it abuse to overfeed a child?
7th Jun 2007 Will England qualify for Euro 2008?
25th May 2007 Should Beckham be recalled into England squad?
10th May 2007 Who will win the FA Cup 2007?
3rd May 2007 Who\'ll avoid relegation from Division 2?
26th Apr 2007 Who are gonna win the Champions League?
15th Apr 2007 How many trophies will Chelski win this season?
12th Apr 2007 Where should the OFLM Cup be played?
1st Apr 2007 Should Ceri defend his Welsh Heavyweight title on May 5th?
28th Mar 2007 Should Steve McClaren get the sack now?
20th Mar 2007 FC Pagens should change their name to....
18th Mar 2007 Wales #10 should be....
15th Mar 2007 Should OFLM trial penalties instead of draws in the league?
13th Mar 2007 Where should Divisional Cup Finals be played?
7th Mar 2007 Should Man Utd move to hold onto Henrik Larsson?
22nd Feb 2007 Will you be changing your team name at the end of the season?
20th Feb 2007 Will the FA Cup final will be played on 19th May at the New Wembey?
11th Feb 2007 Unbeaten in 4, can Chadburn avoid the drop?
7th Feb 2007 What was Ceris nickname at school?
25th Jan 2007 With 4 points seperating 4-11, who will claim 4th in Div 1?
18th Jan 2007 Should the 64th team in OFLM be \"relegated\" each season?
11th Jan 2007 Will David Beckam be remembered as...
4th Jan 2007 Who\'s pathetic away record will last the longest?
21st Dec 2006 Close at the top in Division 2, but who will win?
13th Dec 2006 Sanchez wants Celtic tournament; should this replace international friendlies?
13th Dec 2006 Sanchez wants Celtic tournament; should this replace international \"riendlies\"
10th Dec 2006 The best diver in football is...
9th Dec 2006 Who will win tomorrows big clash?
7th Dec 2006 Commonwealth Heavyweight champion on saturday will be....
4th Dec 2006 Will Fergie die in the Man Utd dugout?
28th Nov 2006 If the elections were today, who would you vote for?
24th Nov 2006 Who you supporting come Sunday?
15th Nov 2006 Should we introduce bank loans?
6th Nov 2006 Should the OFLM transfer window close?
28th Oct 2006 Should Cup submissions count towards Youth Points?
18th Oct 2006 Mourinhio: Genius or whinging git?
6th Oct 2006 Has Michael Schumacher been good for F1?
19th Sep 2006 Anyone else on here?
20th May 2006 Should OFLM run two games a week?
17th May 2006 Should player swap deals come back into OFLM?
16th May 2006 Will Henry stay or go?
13th May 2006 What do you think Stewart Stansfield's (ngc) middle name is?
3rd May 2006 Should England still gamble by taking an unfit Wayne Rooney to the World Cup?
1st May 2006 How will England do at the 2006 World Cup?
27th Apr 2006 Who are the team of the season?
25th Apr 2006 Will you be watching the OFLM Cup Live Draw
24th Apr 2006 Who should be the next England manager?
22nd Apr 2006 Who will win the FA Cup this season?
21st Apr 2006 How big a game is Arsenal v Spurs on Saturday?
21st Apr 2006 How big a game is Arsenal v Spurs on Saturday?
9th Apr 2006 What is the toughest club competition?
3rd Apr 2006 Should the OFLM Cup in Season 6 have a group stage?
31st Mar 2006 Which reality tv show would you appear in?
30th Mar 2006 Who will win the close Div 4 title race?
29th Mar 2006 Who are Englands best strike partnership?
23rd Mar 2006 The football stadium in the world is.....
16th Mar 2006 Do you want any of the following features:
13th Mar 2006 Who will go down with Pieta Hotspurs & Real Muppets from Division 3?
9th Mar 2006 What colour looks good on a man with black hair and olive skin for an interview?
9th Mar 2006 What colour looks good on a man with black hair and olive skin for an interview?
2nd Mar 2006 What is the best Guns N Roses song?
26th Feb 2006 I prefer FA Cup final day at.....
23rd Feb 2006 Which country will win the OFLM Cup of Nations?
16th Feb 2006 Shoud player max ratings be capped at 30?
9th Feb 2006 Will The Incredibles FC win the treble?
7th Feb 2006 Should horrible over-acting & diving incurr a 5-match ban?
29th Jan 2006 Mourinho demands greater respect - is Jose just a plonker?
24th Jan 2006 Who should replace Sven as England manager?
16th Jan 2006 Should the OFLM Cup of Nations have an -21 event?
8th Jan 2006 Should OFLM adopt play-offs?
5th Jan 2006 Are Marseille Owls starting another slide from the top?
23rd Dec 2005 Will 64 manager vote in this poll?
20th Dec 2005 Which nation should host the 2nd OFLM International Tournament at the end of Season 5?
14th Dec 2005 Will White Lion AFC win two successive titles & promotion?
10th Dec 2005 Who will top Group B in Germany 2006?
1st Dec 2005 Who is YOUR best player in Europe?
17th Nov 2005 Would you subsribe to an OFLM SMS results service?
10th Nov 2005 Should players be paid to represent their country?
8th Nov 2005 Are International friendlies IN season a waste of time?
3rd Nov 2005 Are Marseille Owls gonna fail to win promotion, again?
28th Oct 2005 Who will be Division 1 Champions?
20th Oct 2005 Should Loan deals be allowed to be cancelled early?
16th Oct 2005 Who is the best import player to the Premiership?
20th Sep 2005 Would you rather have an entertaining team or a winning team?
15th Sep 2005 Should capping of player sale value return (+30/40%)?
9th Sep 2005 Should the OFLM deadline be changed to 7pm?
8th Sep 2005 What is your sport of the moment?
1st Sep 2005 Would you buy an OFLM Coffee Mug &/or OFLM Mousemat?
30th Aug 2005 Would you buy a replica shirt of your OFLM team?
25th Aug 2005 How much would you pay for a replica football shirt?
19th Aug 2005 Are International Friendlies a WEEK into the new season a waste of time?
28th Jul 2005 Was that the best ever Season of OFLM?
21st Jul 2005 Which is the funniest thing to do in a lift?
14th Jul 2005 Patrick Vieira is set to join Juventus for 13.75m. Is he worth it?
7th Jul 2005 Should the FA enter a GB footy team in the 2012 Olympics?
7th Jul 2005 Should the FA enter a GB footy team in the 2012 Olympics?
7th Jul 2005 Should the FA enter a GB footy team in the 2010 Olympics?
1st Jul 2005 What action would you like take to deal with Anti Social Behaviour? (noise, swearing, assault, drunk etc)
30th Jun 2005 Which man will win Wimbledon this season?
23rd Jun 2005 Clostest title race in Division 1 - but who WILL finish top?
21st Jun 2005 Who should host the OFLM Cup final this season?
17th Jun 2005 Which of the following would like to do before your next birthday?
9th Jun 2005 What is your screen's resolution? (On desktop, Right click, Properties, Settings)
3rd Jun 2005 Who is the best striker in OFLM?
3rd Jun 2005 Would you like OFLM matches run twice a week (Mon & Thur)?
3rd Jun 2005 Are penalties the best way of deciding a cup final?
3rd Jun 2005 Disposable Nappies v Reusable (cloth) Nappies?
3rd Jun 2005 Who will win the FA Cup next weekend?
3rd Jun 2005 Who will stay in the Premier League this season?
3rd Jun 2005 Are Manchester United in trouble now Glazer has taken over?
3rd Jun 2005 Can Sloths Celtic go the entire season unbeaten?
3rd Jun 2005 Can Niagra Falls Thunder avoid relegation following their first back-to-back win since last season?
3rd Jun 2005 Six points seperate the top 5 in Division 2 - but who will finish 4th?
3rd Jun 2005 Who is the best penalty taker in The Premiership?
3rd Jun 2005 Who will win the Champions League?
3rd Jun 2005 Can Perfect City avoid relegation?
3rd Jun 2005 Should FA Cup Semis be played at Millennium Stadium?
3rd Jun 2005 Who will win the OFLM Cup?
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