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Next Deadline: S21 Divisional Cup Semi-Finals on Monday 25th September 2017 20:00 BST League Status: Open Transfer Market: Closed
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 Subject: Season 21 Week 21 Round-up.
Posted on: Thu 21st Sep 2017 at 10:21 PM

Expired contracts:
No issues.

Sitting on winning bids:
Sporting Aldershot failed to agree contracts with Charlie Robbins and Mika Huwachima before the Transfer Window closed.

This weeks errors:
Real Revolution - R_Wieser is named twice in your team selections! 100k please.

Manager News:
No issues.

Injury report:
The following injuries occurred this week's league matches:
J_McJesus (fai) is fit to play after shaking off a minor injury
K_Delph (fai) is injured for 1 week with a broken wrist
Z_Kopke (pfc) is injured for 6 weeks with a pulled groin
S_Morgan (vsk) is injured for 3 weeks with a gashed leg
S_Grace_Jr (lli) is injured for 1 week with a broken toe
M_Ivanich (fli) is injured for 1 week with a broken wrist
H_Fullerton (vil) is injured for 2 weeks with a knee inflamation
L_Borde (sal) is injured for 2 weeks with a twisted knee
F_Sanchez (sax) is injured for 10 weeks with a fractured leg.

Suspension report:
The following suspensions occurred during this week's league matches:
B_Sands (scr), J_Skinner (cor), R_Ronaldo (cor), E_Menahem (vik), A_Spot (dra), H_Hill (vas), S_Weller (vas), J_Deane (bro), N_Bellic (bro), F_Shaw (vil), W_Wallis (sol) & B_Keane (fer) are suspended for 1


K_Dalglish (tre), V_Carluka (twe), H_Fullerton (vil), J_Conway (har) & Z_Lee (auc) are suspended for 2 games.

Pools News:
There were ELEVEN draws in this week's League Matches. No managers guessed correctly. Better luck next week.

Televised Matches:
Last weeks live match was between The Hitman Uprising vs Tulliallan Thistle with highlights of Aero Galaxy vs Red Star Spartak and AC Coolios vs Stratton Revolution.

The Divisional Cups Semi-Finals live game will be Tower of Revolution (d1) vs AC Coolios (d1) with highlights of The Dublin Dominators (d1) vs Stockport Borough (d1) and Dragon Revolution

(d2) vs Leicester Lightning (d2)

Season 21 Week 22 live match will feature The Incredibles FC vs The Hitman Uprising with highlights of The Toto Project vs Richmond Heights FC and Perfect City vs Mostly Harmless.

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