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Next Deadline: Season 22 Week 3 on Thursday 25th January 2018 20:00 GMT League Status: Open Transfer Market: Open
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 Subject: Season 22 Week 2 Round-up.
« Posted on: Fri 19th Jan 2018 at 1:17 AM »

A delay in opening after Week 2 due to the match data files not being uploaded! I should have corrected all players now who took part in Week 2. If I have missed something drop me a line.

Saturday night 6pm, I will be drawing the OFLM Cup 1st Round. Checkout on the forum for the webpage - watch it from anywhere on your phone. The page keeps refreshing and updating as the draw progresses. I am sure I can rope Maia into drawing the balls again.

A reminder that the misc_spending for Week 2 has also not been updated. I have fixed the problem and these deductions will be added to Week 3 update, unless I can do something quickly before then.

Expired contracts:
The following players have been released from their clubs as their contacts ended this week.
S_Madden has been relased by Hawker FC.
Auckland Utd have parted ways with M_Auckland.
L_Robinson has not signed another contract with Villa Stripes AFC.

Sitting on winning bids:
The following deals have been invalidated after the manager has been sitting on the winning bids for 7 days or longer.
No issues.

This weeks errors:
The Brahma Bulls - Line 9 IF missing. £100k.
Hebden Bridge Aliens - R_Blackman does not exisit in your squad! £100k.
The Toto Project - There is an Unknown Order in line 2 of your sub commands, something to do with the MIN! £100k please.
Feruza Penguins - W_Griffiths does not exisit in your squad! £100k.
Sporting Aldershot - J_McQueen is named twice in your matchday selection! £100k.

Manager News:
Milo Dunne has resigned as manager of The Hitman Uprising.

Injury report:
The following injuries occurred this week's league matches:
H_Obunkwende (cor) is fit to play after shaking off a minor injury
G_Tenesor (scr) is injured for 3 weeks with a bruised ankle
T_McMahon (err) is injured for 7 weeks with a shin injury
F_McVey (dra) is fit to play after shaking off a minor injury
J_O_Mara (sol) is injured for 1 week with a gashed leg
G_Trevise (vas) is injured for 10 weeks with a head injury
S_Tchekmar (dev) is injured for 2 weeks with a gashed leg
J_Snow (fer) is injured for 7 weeks with a dislocated shoulder
W_Pawlowicz (fer) is injured for 4 weeks with a broken wrist
J_Aitken (ath) is injured for 10 weeks with a broken rib
I_Koznotsky (slo) is injured for 8 weeks with a badly gashed leg.

Suspension report:
The following suspensions occurred during this week's league matches:
T_Lover (fcw), B_Van_Winkle (lib), W_Kaiser (ity), B_Holzmiller (tol), A_Harrington (vik), P_Markic (wyn), A_Wall (bro), F_Forfar (ric), E_Collins (sax), W_Blanc (sol), R_Quinn (ttp), K_Minogue (auc), S_Santos (san), N_Northman (fcp) & M_Spencer (spo) are suspended for 1 game.

Pools News:
There were SIX draws in this week's League Matches. FOUR managers guessed correctly, congratulations to David Gerrard (sal), Neil Rowley (ath), Alfredo Gandarlo (twe) & David Hanna (rai), you each get £250,000.

Televised Matches:
Last weeks live match was between Vasco Veterans vs The Toto Project with highlights of Cornish Revolution vs Treforest Rangers and Mostly Harmless vs Stockport Borough.

Season 22 Week 3 live match will feature Fair City Swifts vs Wyndamvale Wombats with highlights of Cornish Revolution vs AC Coolios and Dragon Revolution vs Flint Tropics FC.

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 Subject: Manager of the Month for November 2017.
« Posted on: Sun 14th Jan 2018 at 5:38 PM »

Division 1
Sam Brown 66
Dan James 56
Milo Dunne 55

Ronnie Hutchison 54
Ben Walker 53
Andy Docherty 52
Simon Hallows 25
Michael Bonard 20
Marc Congdon 16
Chic Soutar 2
Matt Peters 2
Daniel Perry -13
Richard Gubby -33
Mark McConnell -65
Graham Wallace -76

Division 2
Emlyn Brennan 68
Peter Langdon 47
Lewis ODonnell 39

Matthew Myatt 37
Thom Hughes 35
Nick Jones 23
Chris Hopton 14
Guy Walsh 3
Niall Grimes 2
Kevin Yau -5
Stewart Stanfield -5
Jade Gregory -6
Ray Wallace -7
Ricardo Silva -9
Rob Newman -16
Bruce Leat -23

Division 3
Dan Sellers 25
Michael Bridge 21
Ceri Griffiths 19

Joe Foley 18
Colin Skinner 16
Rob Saxton 12
Alfredo Gandarlo 10
Gwilym John 9
David Gerrard 9
Derek Hughes 3
Jason Hopton 1
Dale Bannister-Gregory -2
Cliff Coates -6
Luke Richards -10
Matthew White -11
Adrian Burke -12

Division 4
Ian Marshall 15
Callum Evans 11
Paul Barker 7

Mark Perry 6
Issac Tongue 5
Mariano García 4
Craig Bucknall 4
Alan Looker 3
Daniel Mason 3
Phillip Morris 2
Rob Mucklow 2
Chris Waters 1
Matthew Graham -7
Neil Rowley -7
David Hanna -8

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 Subject: Manager of the Month for October 2017.
« Posted on: Sun 14th Jan 2018 at 5:37 PM »

Division 1
Michael Bonard 98
Dan James 87
Mark McConnell 56

Daniel Perry 52
Milo Dunne 38
Sam Brown 33
Ronnie Hutchison 18
Richard Gubby 9
Marc Congdon -3
Simon Hallows -3
Andy Docherty -12
Matt Peters -24
Ben Walker -25
Graham Wallace -32
Chic Soutar -55

Division 2
Emlyn Brennan 51
Nick Jones 47
Thom Hughes 45

Guy Walsh 34
Niall Grimes 24
Peter Langdon 22
Ray Wallace 19
Chris Hopton 15
Stewart Stanfield 14
Kevin Yau 4
Matthew Myatt -13
Jade Gregory -17
Ricardo Silva -19
Bruce Leat -24
Lewis ODonnell -25
Rob Newman -26

Division 3
Colin Skinner 39
Ceri Griffiths 33
Dan Sellers 26

David Gerrard 16
Joe Foley 10
Jason Hopton 7
Adrian Burke 6
Alfredo Gandarlo 0
Rob Saxton 0
Luke Richards -1
Matthew White -2
Michael Bridge -11
Cliff Coates -11
Derek Hughes -13
Gwilym John -20
Dale Bannister-Gregory -24

Division 4
Ian Marshall 15
Mark Perry 14
Callum Evans 12

Alan Looker 6
Chris Waters 5
Neil Rowley 4
Phillip Morris 4
Matthew Graham 4
Rob Mucklow 3
Craig Bucknall 1
Issac Tongue 1
Mariano García 1
Daniel Mason -1
Paul Barker -1
David Hanna -2
James Bucknall -2

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